Those Miracle Battery Repair Apps - Scam or Real?

Decided tonight to have a quick look at one of those 'Battery Repair' apps on Android because I could not understand how it could possible to repair the chemical make up of a battery. This is what I found and yes I am very sceptical.

I choose Battery Life Repair which was near the top of the list and had good reviews.

It was installed on a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact which is about 1 year and 1 month old (394 days) running Android Lollipop.

Using the scan it found about six not-so-good bits which it 'said it fixed' when I requested it to do so. The re-scan confirmed it was all okay now. Then I went into Settings/Apps and noticed that despite exiting (and confirming I wanted to exit when asked) it was still running in memory! Next I Cleared Data/Cache then Force Stop and Uninstalled. Using CCleaner to remove the junk and empty folder to try and make the next stage appear as a new installation.  Re-installed 'Battery Life Repair' and ran the scan which now found problems in different areas from before. I did not let it 'scan the whole battery' as I stopped it after it found three so far as this confirmed to me that this was not doing what it said.

I would say this is a Scam but by definition a Scam is to make money fraudulently but these products clearly do not do so what is going on apart from the pop-up ads. Scanned for Viruses and Malware but found nothing....

I believe this is nothing more than a battery statistics re-calibrator (removes batterystats.bin system file so the OS can start again) and power management software, hence the positive reviews about improved battery performance. You cannot repair a battery with software otherwise this would have made the news and appear on loads of web sites as a miracle app. From Google search I have not been able to find a single reputable web sites which recommend any of these kind of apps.

If you want improvements then just search for 'better battery life on Andriod' for real practical advice.