Yamaha FZS600

Since the 31st March 2007 I now own another bike, the Yamaha FZS600.I bought it up in Bridlington which is not far from Squires Cafe from a mate and rode it all the way back here a total distance of 251 miles.

Before that I had an Kawasaki ER5 which is no longer made, replaced with the ER6. The ER5 had pretty rubbish brakes as the back was drum.
I really like the ER5, so much so I had a red one before this restricted.

Now I prefer the fazer, low seat and excellent brakes. If you own one check out Fazer Owners Club.

While learning to ride I had a Kawasaki KH125 which gave me a few problems and I lost confidence in. The main was the 6 volt battery which stopped charging and failed me on my test. I then got a Susuki GS125 which was a real rat bike which I pasted my test on, I really liked this one but replaced it with the GSX250 which was sold to me with an electrical problem. I sold it honest with the problem and someone wanting to build up their NCB bought it. I then found my first ER5 (red).

The death of Geocities UK

Since the death of Geocities UK around 2009 I haven't got around to re-hosting my website which was mainly about motorcycles and motorcycle events. I did think about Blogging as a lot of the content was comments, reviews and photos. So I am giving Blogger a go particularly as it is free and easy to update.