History of My Gadgets so far...

My first gadget was a Psion 3 which I bought probably around 1986. This was followed by a Psion 3a about five years later. I even had my hands on a Apple Newton but with out the cables and a macintosh I kind of gave that up. The Psion 3a screen finally gave up then usual problem where the ribbon connecting to screen would wear out through the opening and closing.

I was bought a Palm IIIe by my wife (who in fact bought all my Palms) which I still have. It still works though the screen is a bit scratched by the writing part. Though the problem now is none of my PCs have serial connections any more so a bit useless now.

Next the colour Sony Clie which I later sold on ebay. I loved the colour screen but it was a little bulky.

Finally the Palm TX which broke.The power button stopped working just under warranty but I chose to not bother with the hassle of getting it repaired. Years later I tried to replace the battery which was when it finally gave up. I decided never to by a Palm again after that.

I moved away from Palm and bought a HP iPaq hx2410 from ebay in 2008. I thought I had paid a bit too much but a recent look showed that they seem to be more expensive now. I really like this even though it only runs Windows Mobile 2003 SE and is not upgradeable. The browser still works for most websites but does not cope with java. I will keep using this for a while and might even get a new battery but this might depend on my next phone....

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