How to have DAB Radio in your Car

This was the best present from Christmas 2011. It is the Pure Move 2500 Personal DAB Radio (in black) which I can connect in my car via a 3.5mm stereo cable which I bought separately (providing your car has one). I use a long cable about 1.5m as this is the arial which would normally be done by the earphones. Though reception is not perfect for a car, I have found that it is very good on the journeys I have made even if I have to hook the cable over the drivers mirror to improve reception. If there is poor reception it doesn't last long, from a few to less than 5 seconds.

The battery is amazing. I charge it anything from every two to four weeks. As it is portable you can remove from the car and slip into your pocket or bag and a lock switch to prevent it switching on (or off).

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