Some Android Apps are Unbelievably Big!

Are developers getting code lazy or just trying to cram in far too many features into apps these days. I originally thought about this around three years ago when I decided that an app designed to clean and free up memory on my Kindle Fire HD should not be an elephant (in size) in itself! It might not sound much but Clean Master which is now 11.5Mb.

Recently after seeing Strava reviewed a great app for running and cycling, as I am thinking of trying to get fit but was shock to discover it is 23Mb for my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. Another example is Evernote which I had been using before they started adding features I did not want  is now 20.82Mb on the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and 23.3Mb for the Kindle Fire HD.  Even Facebook is reported to be around 42.43Mb.

Now individually this may not sound like much but in total this will take a big chuck out of your RAM and storage particularly when you realise the true amount which is really used. For example, Google Calendar app declares to be 23.68Mb (on Sony Xperia Z1 Compact) but under Apps (under Settings) is reports to use 35.84Mb on device (excluding data) which is quite a difference. This is not the only app which uses more than you expect. Android applications have historically been limited to a maximum size of 50MB but according to CNET developers can attach another 4Gb. Perhaps we will need Terra Bytes of storage soon with longer lasting batteries just to keep up.

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